BoonieLiving Services

No longer living off-grid in the Colorado high country, Marci and Bill have revised their service offerings. Gone are solar energy and wildfire mitigation; retained are Web design, technical writing, and editing; added are publishing guidance and English language instruction.

English Instruction

Bill has taught English in Louisiana, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. He is not ESL-credentialed. Classes are small (one to three students) and, after the first dozen lessons, highly customized.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is basic and objective: spelling, grammar, syntax. If the client requests it, formatting and other kinds of suggestions can be made, but Bill's not a fiction writer, and won't venture into anything subjective in that arena. The draft to be edited can be in .DOC, .RTF, or .ODT format. My most recent copy editing was Richard Olandini's Oaxaca Letters.

Text Editing

Text editing includes copy editing plus whatever subjective evaluations the writer wants. Between journalism and tech writing, Bill has 25 years as a non-fiction writer/editor - but not ten minutes on anything requiring plotting or complex character development.


Bill has published numerous manuals for clients and two books under BoonieLiving Press. He knows three printers (two completely bilingual), and has several ISBN numbers which can be registered. His tech-writing wife, Marci Bowman, has the full Adobe Acrobat Suite. We are not yet e-book qualified, but will be soon.

Web Design

Marci has been designing Websites since the mid-90s. She is Webmaster for Lake Chapala Society and for a decade had responsibility for a portion of the IBM corporate Intranet site.