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With the wide-ranging travel and 20+ years of writing and editing experience that BoonieLiving LLC partner Bill Sanders (resume) brings, it was natural that something like BoonieLiving Press would be their first project when the husband and wife team moved to Mexico.

BoonieLiving Press was first created to publish Richard Orlandini's The Oaxaca Letters in 2008. It is now the publisher of Bill's history-making journey the length of the Western Hemisphere in 1970-71.

The Orlandini Letters. Bill edited the letters of a North American archaeologist living in Oaxaca:

Orlandini, Richard. The Oaxaca Letters of Richard Orlandini, 2004-2008. Ed. By Bill Sanders. BoonieLiving Press, 2008. 273 pp. Illust., glossary, index.

From 2004 to 2008, Richard Orlandini wrote long letters he called 'colectivos' to a group of friends and family scattered across North America. The letters are funny, thought provoking, urbane and sometimes profane. They range from travelog (through places the average tourist doesn't know exists) to archaeological musings to political rants to whmisical views of his adopted Mexican pueblita.

Bill formatted the contents, designed the cover, and oversaw printing and distribution. (The limited printing is almost depleted; remaining copies are $20 plus shipping. Contact: bsanders (at), put Orlandini in the subject line.)

Hemisphere-Long Journey. The second project from BoonieLiving Press is the account of Bill's epic trip the length of the Western Hemisphere in 1970-71:

Sanders, Bill. Crossing Borders (and Other Boundaries).
BoonieLiving Press, 2011. 278pp., illustrations, appendices.
Bill has now written his own memoir Crossing Borders (and Other Boundaries) A Journey the Length of the Western Hemisphere, a rollicking racy account of his hitchhiking/backpack journey the length of the Western Hemisphere begun in the Spring of 1970. Click for more details. For further information or to request sample chapters, contact: lat-am (at), put Crossing Borders in the subject line.)

Where to purchase
The book can be purchased in the Lake Chapala area at the following outlets:

American Legion Post 7 - Chapala
The Bagel Shop Carr. Jocotepec 8A# Ajijic
Diane Pearl's - Ocampo and Colon Ajijic
Nueva Posada # 9 Donato Guerra Ajijic
Sol Mexicano Gallery - #13 Colon Ajijic

Or directly from the author by emailing lat-am (at), put Crossing Borders in the subject line. Price is $250 pesos.

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