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GCCHLA Minutes
Board Meeting October 19, 1999

The meeting was held Tues., Oct. 19, in the home of Larry and Yvonne Kramer. The following GCCHLA members signed in:
  Marci Bowman
Beth Fowler
Bill Sanders
Larry & Yvonne Kramer
Dave & Judy Gallaher
Judy & Wayne Hays
Elizabeth Kramer
Bob & Carol Doane
Craig Wandrey

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Gallaher at 7:10. Minutes of the September 11 Annual Meeting were read and approved.

Yvonne Kramer gave the Treasurer's report:
   GCCHLA checking: $1118.00
   GCCHLA savings: $11,022.23
   Fire Dept.: $7029.27
Yvonne reported that she received $1850 in GCCHLA dues, and $3875 in road maintenance fees.

Old Business

Central City Pipeline
Dave Gallaher predicted that the upcoming Hidden Valley Road initiative in Central City was going to fail badly.

Dave explained that the only Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was done for Chase Gulch Reservoir only, and did not include the additional impact of development for the Eureka Ranch project. A supplemental EIS would be needed for each stage of the project, and the pipeline would require at least a supplemental, if not a full EIS.

Open Road Policy from the County (USGS 1942 Roads)
Dave reported that County Planning & Zoning administrator, Tim Allan, was generally using 1969 aerial maps to determine status of old roads. If a road has been used during the past 20 years, and appears on older maps as a road, it is subject to being considered an historical road.

A discussion was held about the problem of individuals wanting not just road access to their land, but access to their preferred building site. They want different, easier access, even if an existing road goes across or very near their land.

It was strongly felt that all old wagon and cow trails should not be considered "public roads" for property access. One problem has been the use of the wagon trails by 4-wheel and off-road vehicles over the years.

It was suggested that possible we need to update the document outlining all permitted roads in York Gulch. It was originally created by Jaye Riley and Maryann Kurtwaitis. It was updated a few years ago by Jaye and Steve Peters, who walked every road in York Gulch to determine which roads GCCHLA should pay the Forest Service to permit.

We need to update the existing map showing which claims appear to touch or cross roads. Dave suggested we may need to produce an addendum essentially. saying "Here are the roads; if they don't already touch your property, you don't have road access. You will need to negotiate with nearby private landowners or the Forest Service to obtain access".

Small Claims Act -- Group Status
Dave said the map is being finalized for the bid by GCCHLA land owners to purchase small claims located in Forest Service land.

County Zoning of Unzoned BLM & FS lands
Dave reminded everyone of the upcoming final Planning commission meeting regarding unzoned BLM and Forest Service lands. He urged attendance. The meeting is scheduled for October 26, 10:30 a.m,. at the Georgetown courthouse.

City/Town of York Gulch
Dave some additional details regarding a possible home rule town of York Gulch. We would need to have 150 people per census count, including children. We would need to be sure we defined the town to include enough people, and find out how much time a person would need to spend in the residence to be counted.

Dave said Arlan Crane has obtained a book containing the regulations pertaining to a home-rule town.

Four Wheel Drive Book
Marci Bowman read a letter from the four wheel drive group, Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs board. It was agreed that Marci will draft a letter formally requesting that York Gulch Road be removed as a 4WD road from future printings of the MAP books.

The Board elected the following officers:
   President: Dave Gallaher
   Vice President: Wayne Hayes
   Secretary: Marci Bowman/ Bill Sanders
   Treasurer: Yvonne and Larry Kramer.

New Business

Road Grading Status
Dave reported that Renaud's bid was $2200 for grading, $2000 for road repair, plus four to six hundred dollars for road improvements.

Problem Realtor
A letter is being drafted regarding a problem Realtor who has been providing false and misleading information to potential buyers. The letter will be sent to the Colorado Board of Realtors.

Gate on Association Road
It was pointed out that Scott Schaefer has put a gate across a public Forest Service road, apparently with Forest Service permission. The gate is located on Forest Service property rather than on Scott's own land. Their was discussion as to whether GCCHLA should have to pay to permit that portion of the road. Dave will follow up on what the status of the road should be.

Red Tail Ridge Road
Dave suggested we should explore the possibility of widening Red Tail Road at York Gulch for safety reasons. He will contact the owners of the land at the juncture.

Next Meeting

The January meeting will be held Tuesday, January 18, 7 p.m. at the home of Beth and Mark Fowler, 150 N Saddle Dr.

Rev. 13-May-00
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